1723 Lejeune Blvd. Jacksonville, NC 28546 Phone: 910.353.3336 Fax: 910-353-3732 Click thumbnail to enlarge As a guest you are invited to take a tour of THE GREATEST STORY RETOLD, which is located in the hotel. There you can view one of the largest collections of biblical art by George Prout. This artist was commissioned by Brown and Bigelow to produce the religious calendars from the 60's. These are the original pieces of artwork from which the calendars were produced. Also available for you to view, touch and enjoy are rocks, earth and water from many of the places written about in the Bible. There is a display of ancient pottery dating back to 2000BC. Coins that date back to the time before Jesus walked this earth. This and much, much more are on display. A local Jacksonville family has brought all of these items back from many of their travels over to the Holy Land. The family set this display up to honor the men and women of the military for which Jacksonville and the world are thankful for. After a long trip, this is a place to unwind and absorb the serenity it has to offer. Greatest Story Retold Copyright 2012 Liberty Inn 1723 Lejeune Blvd.  Jacksonville, NC 28546 910-353-3336 (Telephone)   910-353-3732 (Fax)   1-800-845-3336 (Reservations)